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Frequently Asked Questions 

-Will I be orange?

Absolutely not! I have a NO orange guarantee for all tans that I offer. 

-How many days before an event should I tan?

You will want to tan 1-3 days before your event. For brides, I suggest tanning 2 days before the big day! 

-How do I prepare for the tan and what do I wear during the session?

Preparing your skin for the spray tan is very important to ensure a flawless outcome and long lasting tan! Please refer to my “prep and aftercare” for directions on how to prepare your skin for the tan. 

-Can I get a spray tan while pregnant or nursing?

Of course! All of my products are organic, vegan, non-toxic, talc-free and certified by the Peta Foundation. However, I always recommend getting approval from your doctor before tanning while pregnant.


-How long does the tan last?

Your spray will last at least about seven 
days or longer, but I offer various tan options that last longer! 
The premium and coffee tan are the two longest-lasting tans that I offer (7-12 days). Your tan will last as long as possible as long as you follow all aftercare instructions! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

-How much does the tan cost?

I offer tans ranging from $30 and up. Please see the “services” menu for pricing.

-How long does an appointment take?

A mobile appointment will take about
45 minutes total, with set up and break down included in the time.

A regular studio tan takes 30 minutes or less and a platinum tan (full body contour) takes about 45 minutes.

-Can I choose how tan I want to be?

Of course! You set the tone for your appointment and how dark you’d like to be! 

-Will the tan stain my clothes, pajamas or bed sheets?

I suggest wearing loose long pants and long sleeves to sleep in the night of your tan! You may experience slight rub off from the cosmetic bronzers immediately after your tan, however, after your first shower, you should not experience any transfer to clothing. If you do experience slight color transfer, the tan will easily come out of your clothing in the washing machine.





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